Animax Asia x Japan Creative Centre x Fourskin x OIC Singapore

Client: Animax Asia

Manga & Anime! Japan – A journey from the history to modern day inspirations


An ambitious collaborative effort between Animax Asia, Japan Creative Centre Singapore, Fourskin, and OIC Singapore; Animax Asia has chosen 12 artists from OIC Singapore to reinterpret selected Anime series on the channel to be exhibited and printed on T-shirts by Fourskin.

I was assigned to illustrate Bleach.
Composed to resemble the King and Queen designs on poker cards and the opposing but interdependent yin-yang elements, my entry depicts the protagonist Kurosaki Ichigo’s conflict with the ‘Hollow’ counterpart that exists in him. When the Shinigami is in his human form, the Hollow form is the inverted antithesis and the reverse occurs as the Hollow form takes over.

The style applied is a combination of traditional brush strokes from Eastern wall scrolls and raw collage technique founded during the Pop art era. The overall raw look is an inspiration from Robert Rauschenberg’s transfer drawings.

Digital print
33 x 47″


Photo source: SGCafe


Animax Asia x Fourskin x OIC Singapore promotional image:



Selected design for Fourskin T-shirt:



Unused design:



Preliminary sketches:




Link: Japan Creative Centre Website

Bleach © Tite Kubo

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